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Rates & Terms

We Offer Highly Competitive Rates


Fix and Flip: 9.0%-14.5% APR

Rates Depend On Several Factors:
  • Size of Loan
  • Quality of the Property
  • Experience of the Borrower in Fix and Flip Investing or Home Construction
  • Relative Repair Costs (to Purchase)
Rates Improve with Multiple Loans


Fix and Flip:

  • Funding 65% of ARV
  • Loans up to 80% of Purchase
  • 100% of Renovation
  • No Money Down with real estate collateral
  • Maturity 6 or 12 Months
  • SFH Loans from $75,000 to $2.5 Million
  • Multi Family (2-4 Units) up to $3.5 Million